Ultimate Workbench


Overbuilt Is An Understatement!


The Ultimate workbench is the heaviest built, longest lasting workbench on the market today.  Our workbenches are designed and built to last generation after generation.  Our workbenches come with a LIFETIME Warranty, we guarantee you will wear out before our benches do! All workbenches feature an unpainted 3/8” thick plate steel top with a 4” backsplash. Overall height is 41-1/2” from the floor to the top of the backsplash and the overall working height is 37-1/2″. Powder coated all welded frames are built with 11 ga. 4 x 4” tubing for superior strength and durability. Sides are aluminum tread plate and backs are galvanized steel. Each powder coated swivel drawer features a 400 lb. weight capacity, grease fitting, and an anti-skid rubber mat. Swivel drawers pivot on a 1” cold rolled steel shaft instead of traditional drawers which use slides and bearings that will wear out and fail. We offer four different sizes of drawers: 3″, 6″, 9″, and a 24″ Power Drawer.  Drawer dividers are available for 3″ and 6″ drawers.  Each workbench is equipped with fork channels for easy transportation, loading, and unloading.  Also included are removable leg levelers which enable you to adjust the height of the bench or level the bench in the event of an uneven/unlevel floor.  Casters are optional on most workbenches.  SD series workbenches do not have leg levelers or fork channels and the casters are incorporated onto the leg of the workbench on these models.